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Laura Beeler

Laura is a Senior Designer at by Design, having worked here since 1992.  She graduated from Iowa State with degree in Interior Design. “I’ve made so many friends in the years that I’ve been at by Design.  I suppose that is a natural consequence of working so closely with a client on something that is [...]

A New Twist on Tradition


Your sense of style will inevitably change and evolve over time. A great relationship…

saloom_dining_table_chairs_by Design

A Brand New Home in a beautiful setting! We had the privilege to help Christine and Lee design their beautiful new home in the country near Indianola. They wanted their home to be very comfortable and inviting. They share their lives with family, friends and three dogs. The design and furnishings had to facilitate every [...]


Every room needs a focal point. Need I say it? You never get a second chance to make a first impression. Your home’s first impression: the front entry. It’s worth some time and effort. Here is one I worked on recently. Those wall sconces with dangling chains are beautiful and functional. They add the dazzle [...]

Private Transformation


A Small Project With Big Impact This was a recent installation of a custom cushion and pillows in a drop zone area just off the garage.You might not think of putting design effort into this space. (After all, you’re the only one who sees it, right?) But maybe you should reconsider. What a nice welcome, even if [...]


In a Word: Rewarding. Sure, it can be complicated. I mean, look at all those pieces, fabrics, finishes and plans. And there’s more. Much more. Elissa and Laura have recently had the opportunity to work on a wonderful new project. Complexity increases very quickly in interior design and this project has a lot of moving [...]


New to Des Moines, they picked Laura Beeler and by Design. And the results are spectacular. Contemporary but comfortable, incredible style yet approachable. The partnership between the Lentz’s and by Design’s Senior Designer Laura Beeler worked just as it’s supposed to. Then we mentioned the project to Sherry Failor and Welcome Home Magazine. She thought it would [...]

New Home, New Life…


…and Old Friendships. Occasionally, I have the opportunity to help by Design clients on more than one home. This is great because we already know each other and I have a good sense of their taste. But what was even more important with Chris & Susan was… we had a friendship. I first worked with them [...]


From Boring to Wow Janice and I worked together to find something unique to fill her empty space above the fireplace. I think we combined some interesting accessories and lighting to achieve just that.  A little glitter, a little glow.  Create some tension with a bit of asymmetry overlaying a basically symmetrical design. This is [...]


A unique 360 degree view of Des Moines This great project offered the opportunity of working with an engaged customer and a talented outside designer. When ideas and creativity flow three minds are definitely better than one. Urban Sophistication.  That was the look and the lifestyle these clients were after. And they ended up with an amazing condo in [...]


Challenges Chuck and Ruth were building a custom home in the Des Moines area.  They weren’t newbies, they had built several before.  But they knew they wanted an interior designer to help them pull everything together.  The goal: a custom, one of a kind look for their beautiful new home. I met with them and [...]

A Lake-side Town Home


Creating a new home and new lifestyle by combining new designs with old. My long-term clients, Karen & her husband, moved from their beautiful home to a town home on a lake — creating an exciting new project. They wanted this new home to be a very inviting, casual and totally practical place for the whole [...]


by Design’s very own senior designer, Laura Beeler, was featured an article in the Des Moines Register recently.  Laura discusses the interior design technique of using neutral base colors and then bringing color into a room with smaller items and accessories.  You can check it out here: Add splashes of color to decorate on a budget [...]


Jana has been a long-time client of mine.  The project this time was her lower level.  They were remodeling, updating and re-configuring their space to be more usable. This area opens up to a beautiful pool outside.  Everything had to be beautiful… and functional too.   We stuck to a neutral color palette of taupe [...]


Sometimes you just click with a customer… I recently took a call from a customer looking for a designer.  The mission was to help him create a wonderful, new living space in his downtown Des Moines loft.  Matt & I had an instant connection.  Since he had been in by Design before, we quickly set [...]

Busy Lives - Saloom Table

Interior design can help make your home your own. This is the first phase of a project for 2 busy doctors. They are combining their lives into one home: two lifestyles and personalities expressed in one space.  They both love to be surrounded by beautiful things. And they particularly love entertaining and sharing that beauty [...]

Here’s the story… with a big graduation event coming up, my client wanted to spruce up her room. Now I have to tell you that Lori has fun taste to begin with, so we just added some elements -some new excitement – to change her room up a little. First, we added the fun Linkin [...]

LOVE this Sun Room!


If you’re lucky enough to have a sun room, our fondest hope is that you will feel the way Laura’s customer, Chris, does about hers:   Laura,   I love love love the sun room you helped us with and everyone who sees it does as well! It’s the most gorgeous in the AM when the sun [...]