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Furnishing a historic home can be daunting! How do you bring modern comfort to the home without completely clashing with its original charm? Jessica’s client, Melinda, faced that challenge. How do we honor her lovely craftsman era home? Our Fabric & Finish selections The client wanted a space that was comfortable for relaxing with a [...]

Your furniture does not have to be one identical piece among the thousands that rolled of a production line and shipped to a warehouse store.


Use amazing specialty glass surfaces to create the perfect cocktail, end or console table for your room. Create that special piece that elevates your interior design.


Late last fall, we were introduced to one of our newest vendors: Oios Metals. Ever since then, the company and their products have made quite the impression… both on us and our clients!


Modern sensibility and rich fabrics and finishes At first blush the words modern and luxury might seem to conflict. But we don’t think so. You live a very modern life, yet you still want touches of richness and luxury in it. Hence, by Design’s new Modern Luxury room. We’ve a ways to go before we [...]


New Interior Accents Lead to a Fresh, Cohesive Look I had the pleasure of working with a couple to add the finishing touches to their living room area.  They already had the Copley Square sectional and two Perone push-back recliners from by Design and were just looking for some end tables, lamps, etc. to finish out [...]


A great family-owned small furniture manufacturer story. We’ve been working with Charleston Forge to place their hand-crafted furniture in our customer’s homes for more years than we’d care to mention. And by Design always been proud to use their products. Every piece is hand-forged and custom finished. Each piece is created specially for our clients – [...]

Private Transformation


A Small Project With Big Impact This was a recent installation of a custom cushion and pillows in a drop zone area just off the garage.You might not think of putting design effort into this space. (After all, you’re the only one who sees it, right?) But maybe you should reconsider. What a nice welcome, even if [...]

Patterns in Your Room Design

bold patterns in interior design

Are You Ready for the Return of Patterns in Interior Design? Do you like a lot patterns? Well so do I! Sometimes it’s hard to decide on what patterns you want in your space which is why it’s fun to have many patterns mixed together. Some say the rule of thumb is to have up to [...]

christmas lights

…to buy new furniture?? It may be the perfect time. Sometimes it seems as though the second Halloween is over, the Christmas season begins. Now don’t get me wrong – I love the Holiday season! It truly is one of my favorite times of the year because I get to see many of my family members [...]