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The Camden chair is all about dynamic, yet flowing, lines. Solids and patterns both work on this frame. Of course you can select from the full range of wood finishes. It’s shown here in a faux skin and sports decorative nails. What an accent piece!

Candice Olson’s new Hemingway sofa

Candice Olson’s Hemingway sofa is a very handsome piece.  However, we think you’ll agree that that first photo just doesn’t do it justice.  The slight wingback effect on the tall back filled out with luxurious lumbar cushions — the nailhead trim.  All on a deep comfortable frame. The style itself will support a number of [...]

I’ve been working on a fun, new project that I’d love to share with you: My job as Senior Designer at by Design is best when I develop a close connection with my clients, and I really did this time.  A couple recently came into the store together and I was lucky enough to speak [...]

Bunches of Fun You need to have a little attitude, and you need to let that attitude show in your room.  These great ottomans have boatloads of attitude, making them not only functional but fun.  Attitude…  personality…  a sense of humor.  If we (you and by Design) can express these elements of you in your [...]

Kravet Fabrics is a wonderful resource for me at by Design, the furniture store where I work in Des Moines.  Kravet has served the interior design industry for over 90 years, and they continue to innovate.  One of their newest ideas is “kravetgreen”, an eco-friendly fabric made with 100% polyester.  Kravet Green develops and markets [...]

When you repeatedly watch someone on TV, you begin to feel that you know them.  But, do you?  Can Candice Olson really be as nice as she seems on her programs?  Yes, she really is.  She is funny and she is very tall!!!  Ha–as you can see from the picture, Laura and I are shorter [...]

Candice Olson on why you should work with an interior designer and why the room should be about you, not the designer.  We couldn’t agree more.  We keep saying it, but its worth repeating here.  Its all about you:  your personality, how you use the room, your lifestyle.  (Seriously, this is a time where a [...]

I. Love. Beautiful. Homes.

Have you ever seen a movie where you just love the house or love the design?  I have several movies that have helped me to make a decision about something.  I will never forget sitting in a hotel with our kids (when they were little) and seeing Home Alone.  I laughed so hard at different [...]

We’ve just gotten the new Sammy condo sofa on our floor paired with the Basie chair and it looks terrific!  This is a great new addition from Candice Olson that grew out of frequent requests for contemporary furniture design with an emphasis on casual, comfortable living. Candice responded with the Sammy, an uber-versatile collection of [...]