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Custom Cocktail Tables (and end tables & drink tables) add a unique look to your room. You should consider custom. Take a look at these examples of how you and your BY DESIGN designer can create a unique custom cocktail table that sets your room apart from every other person’s. Customizing not only makes the [...]


Make a big change to your room with a single piece Your TV is likely the focal point of the room. Maybe make it a really, really cool focal point. Here are six consoles that really rock. Plus, at the time we’re posting this, all of them are in stock and ready for shipment! However… [...]


Solid walnut frames add richness to these designs These new designs feel wonderfully fresh, yet they nod back to their style inspirations. Danish modern or Mid-Century-Modern style: They seem to be both. Three more designs from Kim Salmela that we love. The new Gracie chair from Norwalk. Gracie has a much wider silhouette in the [...]


We love these beautiful steel-framed chairs! Available in a wide array of designs and covers, they offer a stunning and dramatic addition to your room. Would one of these chairs work in your room? These chairs not for every room or every person. They are pretty expensive and are generally quite modern. But, we think [...]


  Incredible comfort.   Great style.   Incredible comfort. Unsurpassed quality. Wait… did we mention incredible comfort? It is worth risking redundancy to talk about the comfort of the Kaden. We’ve loved the Kaden in every color of leather (and occasionally fabric) that we’ve tried it in. Every. Single. One. We’ve done deep red. We’ve done [...]