Laura Beeler

Laura is a Senior Designer at by Design, having worked here since 1992.  She graduated from Iowa State with degree in Interior Design. “I’ve made so many friends in the years that I’ve been at by Design.  I suppose that is a natural consequence of working so closely with a client on something that is [...]

Jessica Young

Design has been a passion of mine in some form or another my whole life. When I was a kid, I was always rearranging my bedroom and making things to decorate the house. My passion continued to grow as I went on to study interior design at Iowa State University. While there I studied abroad [...]

Maximum seating with minimum space

big colton sectional

This was a unique project in a very unique space! My client Julie wanted to have maximum seating in her small living room to accommodate her big family when they visit. She loved the Colton style and we loved that it was the right size and style for the design and room. The Colton can be [...]


by Design client’s loft featured in Iowan Magazine. We’ve featured this sophisticated loft in one of our project posts, and now Iowan Magazine has done an article about it. The loft features magnificent views, open spaces and a walk-able neighborhood. When you add in the beautiful interior design that the Faber’s and by Design have [...]

My Experience at Market


What do you get when you send two designers to market to purchase new items for the store? Get ready Des Moines, because by Design has some really neat things coming in. In fact, we’ve already started seeing things arrive. After an early morning plane ride into High Point, North Carolina, I finally got to [...]


Ask and You Will Receive. I met my great friend, Nancy, through our sons. Our years-long friendship developed through our shared experiences of raising our boys in Johnston, Iowa. Recently Nancy informed me that she and her family were moving to Dubuque. Her husband, Mark, would help run the family business – Sundown Mountain Resort. [...]

A Warm and Inviting Living Room


This Room Sets the Tone of the Whole House Jessica came into by Design one afternoon looking to furnish the formal living area in the front of her house. It was her first time in our store, and when she found out about our interior design service she was excited to get started! The room is mostly [...]


Please don’t wait until the last minute to start thinking about furniture for your new house!  Many people feel like they need to wait to start thinking about furniture because it can be overwhelming to do everything at once. And I agree, it can be very overwhelming, but that is what we are here for. [...]


by Design’s very own senior designer, Laura Beeler, was featured an article in the Des Moines Register recently.  Laura discusses the interior design technique of using neutral base colors and then bringing color into a room with smaller items and accessories.  You can check it out here: Add splashes of color to decorate on a budget [...]


A designer is sometimes her own toughest customer. Designing or choosing for someone else can be freeing.  But, when you choose for yourself, all sorts of issues emerge.  How will people judge me when they see my room?  Eventually, you get over it and just choose things you love.  Here is the sofa I chose: [...]


Thom Filicia has designed an extensive line of upholstery and accents for Vanguard Furniture, but that is just the beginning.  He began his career working for prestigious design firms in New York City.  He has since opened his own firm, written two books, starred in a television series and been named a top 100 designer [...]


Michael Weiss is an interior designer who got his start at a very young age collaborating with his mother, Lillian August, an accomplished artist and designer.  He went on to study theater and performing arts at The Juilliard School.  His interest in history and fine art combined with his art studies and led him eventually [...]

What a warm, inviting room!

The Hestad’s are crazy about their new furniture.  Listen to what they wrote us:  We love the furniture! We thought you would like to see a couple of pictures.   The chair is really cool. You can see the table in the background — it worked out very well. We also really like the metal [...]

The High Point Market is the biggest event in interior design, home decor and furniture in the world. We go to every one. The High Point Market has released a video where a few celebrity designers tell us what sparks their creativity – for Nathan Turner, it’s travel; nature inspires Barry Dixon; and for Lillian [...]

Our New Home

My husband and I just bought our first home! It is a typical Beaverdale brick with a rounded front door. I have been busy working on projects and getting the house put together! My husband does painting on weekends, when he is free from his full time job as an occupational therapist. It is so [...]

My husband, Kevin, went out shortly before Christmas to buy my gift (a really good idea).  He had an idea what he was looking for.  But when it came down to decision time, it was far harder than he imagined.  We’ve all been there: This looks comfy, but I don’t like the color.  Will she [...]

On a recent visit to Key West, it became evident to me why nature-inspired color schemes make sense.  Our emotions are effected by the landscape around us.  As I look at the brilliant turquoise blue-tones of the ocean, I am calmed. I have always liked to decorate in shades of blue in my own home.  Since I consider my [...]

Duty above and beyond the call— I’ve been so fortunate over the years to be surrounded by great designers here at by Design.  But, what truly makes them special is the fact that they’re wonderful people.   They care so much about their clients.  They will go to incredible lengths to help their clients. We [...]