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What is Hygge?

In case you hadn’t encountered the term: “Hygge [hoog-uh] (especially in reference to the Danish lifestyle) the feeling of coziness and contentment evoked by simple comforts, as being wrapped in a blanket, having good conversations, enjoying food, etc.” It is simple. Hygge is comfort. Hygge is coziness. So what does that have to do with [...]


Our friends at Saloom Furniture have introduced the South End Collection.  Taking it’s inspiration from the hip, eclectic culture developing in Boston’s South End neighborhood, South End seeks to combine the visual and literal strength of oak and steel with a contemporary design aesthetic. This is the rustic-modern idea.   Industrial Design.  Executing an industrial [...]

bD Sun Room

How to bring some sun into your home any season of the year. Taking inspiration from the sun, the water, the light and the warmth of summer can create a perfect room year round. Whether your sun room is inspired by Key West, Okoboji, or a summer cottage — it can evoke those special summer [...]

What Is Your Style?

What is your style?  To some, their sense of style is a defining element of their identity – even of their life.  Others really don’t know what their style is because they’ve given it very little thought.  But for most people it is knowledge worth pursuing.  Though it might sound frivolous, this insight can make [...]

Here is a gallery of the great new Caracole collection.  Caracole is a fresh new idea featuring great designs, great  collections and clever names.  The collections are named Classic Contemporary, New Traditional and Naturally Casual.  Each is a sophisticated and updated execution.  Click on any images then page through the collection one image at a [...]

We love color at by Design.  Here are the new Mayfair sofa and chair upholstered in fun, vivid colors.  It is so much fun when a customer chooses to show this much color and confidence in their room. The Mayfair is a beautiful new frame design.  Its most notable design element is the long sweeping [...]

Your dining area is the perfect place to make a design statement.  Selecting a dramatic table & wonderfully designed chairs creates that statement.  If your home is a narrative, a story about you, your life and your accomplishments… then the dining room is a great place to begin that story. click on an image then [...]

Kravet Fabrics is a wonderful resource for me at by Design, the furniture store where I work in Des Moines.  Kravet has served the interior design industry for over 90 years, and they continue to innovate.  One of their newest ideas is “kravetgreen”, an eco-friendly fabric made with 100% polyester.  Kravet Green develops and markets [...]

Ellen’s Blog at poses an important question about your guest room.  She also provides a check list “to see if yours makes the grade”.  A great perspective in creating a guest room might be to ask yourself “What I would expect for my stay from a great hotel room?”  Old stories about guests and [...]