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Seven ways to get the most out of small spaces. Most of us face some kind of space constraint. But, good design and thoughtful choices can alleviate yours. 1. Storage. There are several ways to accomplish this in small spaces. Bookcases in any room or under a staircase are great for storing and displaying. Credenzas and [...]

A new sleeper design changes the whole game Sleeper sofas (and sleeper loveseats and even sleeper chairs) have changed dramatically.  Now, for the first time, sleepers can be so comfortable you wouldn’t mind sleeping on them yourself.  This all comes about because the designers and engineers figured out how to put a full-length, memory foam [...]

Sleepers, sleepers, sleepers!


Don’t compromise when you can have it all! When most people think of a sleeper sofa, they think of that old sofa their grandparents had. It was uncomfortable to sleep on and a pain to get out and put away. Well I have good news! We have come a long way from the old fashioned [...]

comfort sleeper narrow stairs|by Design Des Moines

Narrow Stairs? Sharp Corners? Tiny Door? No Problem. An American Leather Sleeper can fit through this door! A sofa sleeper could be the perfect solution to create a multipurpose room. Living room by day, bedroom by night. But, if that space is at the end of narrow hallway, around a tight corner or at the [...]

Brynlee Comfort Sleeper


You don’t have to sacrifice style for function  We love the Comfort Sleeper Collection at by Design.  They are so well engineered, so comfortable as seating and so wonderful for sleeping that they have totally changed the way we view sleepers. We would like to show you a wonderful example of this, our new Brynlee [...]

We’ve got the Kayla Comfort Sleeper on our floor at by Design right now.  It is both a terrific new furniture design, and an innovative new comfort solution.  We’re serious when we say that sleeper design has gone to a whole new level.  Combine these great styles (in both contemporary and traditional looks) with your [...]