Candice Olson

Wow. Bling. Candice Olson Lou Lou.

A Limited Addition Chair Design We traveled out to Norwalk, Ohio to the Pre-market event.  Its great to get a heads-up on trends and colors.  Candice Olson, one of today’s most popular celebrity interior designers, gave a presentation, and was terrific as usual.  She at length about how her design process has evolved over the [...]

We just got back from Pre-Market at Norwalk Furniture in Norwalk, Ohio.  We drove and got to enjoy the beautiful fall all along I-80 .  It was so pretty! We had a great time at Pre-Market.  We got to see allot of new fabrics, trends, furniture styles and old friends.   Kevin and I have [...]

Candice Olson’s Hemmingway Sofa

Timeless, Classic Design … in Candice’s own words I designed the Hemmingway sofa to stand the test of time, aging gracefully as a classic piece of furniture in your home. Hemmingway is tall, tailored and comes across as somewhat formal, but when prompted, can totally relax! Nailhead trim accentuates the silhouette of the Hemmingway sofa, [...]

Just a short vid, but its enough to whet your appetite! Stay tuned for more pre-market excitement.

You can get… anything you want… at Candice’s restaurant, (including Alice), at Candice’s restaurant.  Sorry Arlo Guthrie.  Dang it, now that tune from the sixties is stuck in my head. The Alice chairs that you see above (fresh from the design desk of Candice Olson) are a good example of how good furniture design alone [...]

Candice Olson’s new Hemingway sofa

Candice Olson’s Hemingway sofa is a very handsome piece.  However, we think you’ll agree that that first photo just doesn’t do it justice.  The slight wingback effect on the tall back filled out with luxurious lumbar cushions — the nailhead trim.  All on a deep comfortable frame. The style itself will support a number of [...]

Is that a great look, or what?! When I see a great room like this, I want to be there.  Candice has shown the Dierdre dining chair with leather on the outside and a wonderful wine & goldenrod color fabric on the inside.  Really.  Good.  Stuff.   Although by Design no longer carries Candice Olson [...]

Here is a great example of simple done well.  Candice Olson’s Angie sofa is a simple, lifestyle design.  Stylish, yet comfortable feeling, it makes a relaxed, hip statement.  In this pic it is combined with Candice’s Buckley ottoman.  The Buckley has loads of character and detail and acts as the yin/yang in bringing this group [...]

Love Candice Olson?  Doesn’t it seem like she has something special?  A special sparkle?  She does.  And so do many of here fabrics.  Take “Glint” for example:  Lush.  Dressy.  Yet snuggle-in comfort.  Here is how Candice describes it:   It is no secret that I adore the play of light on fabrics. Add some reflective [...]


    Candice Olson has introduce a luscious, elegant new fabric collection for her furniture collection.  It is a truly incredible introduction.  If you’re a Candice fan, you going to love it.  Here is Candice’s description: I like to take classical designs inspired by architectural elements like fretwork, then stylize the room with a modern [...]

Wisteria is the name Candice has given this color & fabric collections.  Here is how she describes her inspiration for this palette: Generally, my signature look starts with a classic inspiration like this natural floral palette. Then, the modern attitude comes from materials, finishes and textures that create a contrast. I especially like how this [...]

The Milton sofa is a wonderful design from Candice Olson.  As much as all of us at by Design have loved it in the past, we think this new execution is one of the best we’ve managed.  Marlene has shown it in a relaxed and comfortable (but classy!) fabric.  The casual fabric on the somewhat [...]

I’ve been working on a fun, new project that I’d love to share with you: My job as Senior Designer at by Design is best when I develop a close connection with my clients, and I really did this time.  A couple recently came into the store together and I was lucky enough to speak [...]

celebrity design (without the high price) Wouldn’t we all love to have Candice Olson come to Iowa and furnish a room for us?  Heck, we’d love to have her come into our store here in Des Moines and meet all of our friends and customers.  Unfortunately, she doesn’t travel out of Canada for such projects.  [...]

When you repeatedly watch someone on TV, you begin to feel that you know them.  But, do you?  Can Candice Olson really be as nice as she seems on her programs?  Yes, she really is.  She is funny and she is very tall!!!  Ha–as you can see from the picture, Laura and I are shorter [...]

Candice Olson on why you should work with an interior designer and why the room should be about you, not the designer.  We couldn’t agree more.  We keep saying it, but its worth repeating here.  Its all about you:  your personality, how you use the room, your lifestyle.  (Seriously, this is a time where a [...]

We’ve just gotten the new Sammy condo sofa on our floor paired with the Basie chair and it looks terrific!  This is a great new addition from Candice Olson that grew out of frequent requests for contemporary furniture design with an emphasis on casual, comfortable living. Candice responded with the Sammy, an uber-versatile collection of [...]

“I like to use textures and patterns that are visually captivating and texturally engaging.”  Candice Olson Devine Designer, Candice Olson, has introduced two new fabric collections that were inspired by her Canadian roots and evoke the “cool, fresh feeling of watery blues and greys set off by the warm comfort of wood tones”. Candice has name the collections “Cognac and Mist” [...]

We’ve shown some of our most dramatic products in our black and white room.  The natural drama and elegance that a black and white palette gives a room is amazing.  Black and white rooms can range from the casual class of a black t-shirt to the formal class of a tuxedo (or little black cocktail [...]

After returning home from an intelligence mission in Afghanistan, Christian discovered that he had developed Lou Gehrig’s disease.  This devastating neuro-degenerative  disease would change his life as well as the life of his family. Candice was asked to help create a bedroom for Christian and Karin that can accommodate an elevator among other assistance devices [...]

Sylvia’s Living Room Sylvia is a lawyer who exudes confidence and order.  But when the front door to her home opens, you see the clutter created by her carefree two year old daughter Chloe all over the living room and not much else.  Sylvia loves to entertain friends at home because being a single mom [...]

The Candice Olson Collection

Selections from the Candice Olson Collection shown exclusively in Des Moines at by Design. [slideshow id=2] (the slideshow may take a moment to begin) Although by Design no longer carries Candice Olson designs, if you love the look, the colors, and the fabrics, by Design can do that for you.  [twocol_one] Our Galleries Explore the possibilities [...]

“Two golf fanatics ask Candice for a living room transformation” Ten years ago Carroll and Paul bought their house because of its close proximity to their favorite golf and country club. When friends come to play a round, or just hang out, the living room is the biggest space to gather but it looked like a cross between a Victorian tearoom and a makeshift [...]