Sneak Peek at our new Modern Luxury room

Modern sensibility and rich fabrics and finishes

At first blush the words modern and luxury might seem to conflict. But we don’t think so. You live a very modern life, yet you still want touches of richness and luxury in it. Hence, by Design’s new Modern Luxury room.

We’ve a ways to go before we have completed the look. But you’ll get the idea of the direction we’re headed in this room.

  • Simple, elegant lines that speak of timeless design
  • Subtly glinting metallic finishes
  • Rich, warm wood finishes
  • Fabrics and leathers that you love to touch
  • A room, a space a home that lives in serenity

Definitely not ostentatious. We are Iowans after all. But we think many of you in Des Moines and central Iowa want a bit more luxury in your life.

We’ll be doing more in Modern Luxury – finishing this room out. And — creating a collection of upholstery, bedroom, dining room, art and lighting that we think tells the Modern Luxury story. We would love to have you come into the store at tell us what you think!