Should We Hate Design Trends? Nope.

How to think about trends and styles

Are trends and styles shallow and unimportant? Should I feel guilty for caring? No. They seem to be deeply rooted in human nature. Points to consider:

  • Why do we even have preferences? Humans need to have some way of looking at – of ordering – the world. Preferences fill part of that need.
  • Do people prefer tradition or novelty? Both. Though it seems a contradiction, we seem to be drawn to both the familiar and the new!
  • Where does taste come from? It seems to emerge from a mixture of 1) exposure, 2) culture, and 3) a person’s personality – none of which is static or fixed. 1

So… three important lessons:

We love these three points and think you should keep them in mind:

√ Trends are always changing — and this is a good thing. That frees us to always be reinventing them and reinventing ourselves a bit at the same time. 1

√ Trends evolve at different paces — some are popular for years rather than merely a season. This means that thoughtful design insulates you from chaotic change. 2

√ “…your home is a constantly evolving mix of all the things you love – as it should be.”   – Tamara Kelly

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