Should I select fade resistant fabrics for my sun room?

by Design recommends Sunbrella fabrics for sun rooms. This is more than just marketing. This is real and it is important. Here are two points to consider:

  1. Sunbrella® furniture fabrics are produced from tough acrylic fibers, so they resist stains and mildew while maintaining their good looks indoors or out.
  2. Because Sunbrella® is manufactured using 100% solution-dyed yarns, the color can’t fade or wash out, so you can be sure they’ll remain vibrant for years, even in the harshest sun!

Solution dyed? Here is why that matters:  Most fabrics are created from colorless fibers and then dyed. The dye adheres to the outside surface of the yarn. With solution-dyed acrylic fabrics, the coloring actually takes place before the yarn is ever created. A liquid acrylic solution is combined with the coloring agents, and this colored liquid is then extruded and transformed into fiber. The fiber never exists in a colorless state; it’s color is an inherent part of it. This fiber is then spun into yarn.

So when time, sun or other processes expose the next later of fiber of your yarn, you will see more of the original color of the yarn – not white or neutral. It is the same color through and through.

Since late 2008, Sunbrella has warranted their furniture fabrics against color fading for five years. And they normally perform long past the warranted date. So, our unequivocal answer is:

Yes, you should choose Sunbrella fade-resistant fabrics for your sun room!