Shop Local First

I was inshop local the East Village for a Holiday Open House.  I went in to Ephemera.  I love to go there.  It is a cute shop that is run by 2 young ladies who are so nice.  I don’t even know their names but I do know that it is amazing that these young people are running a business at their age.  Well, as I think about it, I guess that my husband and I were too—at that age.  We started our business when we were 25.  Gosh—that was a long time ago!

I do hope that people do try to shop at cool, independent businesses because if we don’t shop at them, they go out of business.  We have to shop at family businesses.  It is so important to our economic culture.  Some times I feel like the internet wants to take over the world—please shop local first.  It is always better to see and feel things, isn’t it?

One other side note that I loved:  When we were at Ephemera,  one of the girls mothers had made all home made goodies for the event.  Over 1000 of them!  They were so good!  Is that sweet or what?!