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It’s a bit different, but we think you’ll really like our new Markdown program.

At by Design we only select merchandise that we think is cool and exciting for our store.  Unfortunately some of the cool stuff just doesn’t sell.  Then, like any other retailer, we mark the price down so that we can reinvest in merchandise our customers may like better.  We’ve decided to change that a bit.

When new accessories and accents arrive, we already know what point in time they need to be marked down to move them out.  So we’ve decided to put those dates and prices on some of our tags immediately.

We hope that this system is good for everybody.  Can’t live without it?  Take it home today.  Hoping for a better price?  Check back again, if we’ve still got it you get a bargain!

One note: our upholstery is tagged in a completely different manner.  Of course it still occasionally get clearanced out, but you’ll see specific clearance sale tags applied when that time has come.


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