Rolando and Gina — Adventure Calls.

Sure, we think creating a beautiful room is an adventure. But our clients Rolando and Gina take the word adventure to a different level. They and their children are going to walk the 500 mile long Camino De Santiago to raise funds for the American Parkinson’s Disease Association, IA Chapter! The history of this incredible hike goes back a thousand years to Christians making a pilgrimage to the burial site of St. James in Northern Spain. Now thousands of people do part or all of the hike every year. You can read more about the Camino De Santiago here.

What made this project unusual was that Gina and Rolando fell for the Landen leather sectional group on our floor. And, as you can see from the photo, it worked perfectly! As you know, this is a bit different from our normal special order process, but heck… I love to shop! Note also the black leather Perone recliner. Many of the accessories are from by Design also.

I think the room is so warm and inviting. The warm tones, the leather trunk and natural wood table seem to hint at adventure and travel, yet to offer a refuge and respite from them. I love it.

by Bonita Clark