Relationships In (and With) a Furniture Store

The Circle of Life —

Always, always, always, the most important thing that can happen, on any particular day, is touching or being touched by another human being.  I recently had a neat conversation with a customer of ours.  She had called about her Grandmother.  She had moved into a new home and was looking for a wing recliner.  Could we do a wing recliner?  Nothing easier.

It turns out that she had looked at another store, but could not find a fabric that she liked.  So, she said, I always come back to by Design.  Her grandmother was pretty sharp and would not just accept any fabric.  “In fact,” she said, “my house was featured in Better Homes and Gardens.”  And I said — just because you are getting older does not mean that you lose your sense of style.  We have allot of older clients who want nice furniture and don’ t want it to look OLD.  So they came into by Design and we’ re so glad.  We appreciate our customers, and the relationships they allow us to have with them, so very much!

The circle of life… circles within circles… relationships.  What matters.

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