Our Prices

Custom furniture pricing varies widely. Fabric grades, finish options, custom cushions — each selection can change a price. The sheer number of options is breathtaking.

But, we work to your budget. Beautiful design is available to you. Here are some ranges that you can expect to encounter at by Design:


Our VIEWPOINT program offers sofas at $1399 and $1499. (Custom sofas with lots of options!)

Our most popular price range is $2000 to $3000. Wonderful comfort, designed and built just for you.

We can go big. Maybe your home and tastes need large scale, opulent fabrics and incredible detail — or nationally recognized designer creations. $3000 to $5000 (and up!).


VIEWPOINT program sectionals begin at $1999. Great fabrics, wood finishes and many options included of course.

Many of our popular sectionals are in the $3000 to $6000 range. Gigantic selection of styles and options here.

Higher priced sectionals are… well… higher. Prices can go from $7000 to $15000 (and more if you’d like!)

Many of our customers work over time to a plan. It’s a great way to manage your budget. But what if you were to just do the whole room at once? Here are some ranges:

FOR AN ENTIRE ROOM (upholstery, table, lighting, rugs, wall art):

Using our VIEWPOINT program, $3500 to $5000 is doable

Many customers land in the $5500 to $15000 range

High end selections can easily total $15000 and up

Where do you fall in this range? That is where a designer comes in. Her job isn’t to drive your costs up – her job is to listen to you. To uncover and understand your lifestyle, your design style and to help you create your perfect room.

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