New Passport Coral/Grey color collection

As we said before Passport is in the Spring color trends picks twice.  This is the second color way.  It is related to the Pantone Honeysuckle, but is a touch more coral.  This is a wonderful combination and should live well as a room theme for years.  Here is how Norwalk describes it:

As the world growspassport-collection increasingly small and as international travel becomes commonplace, it is inevitable that home styles and design trends would assume an international point of view. From Europe to the Mid East, and India to Asia we see design themes, colors, and styles repeating themselves and showing up in national and international shelter magazines.

Nation-spanning themes, like the use of the many shades of purple, the ubiquitous presence of suzanni designs, and the ascendancy of linen as a mainstream upholstery fabric, are all indicators of the globalization of home fashions. In Passport, Norwalk has a color story that emphasizes a textured layering of natural linen tones high-lighted with coral pink and granite and infused with decidedly Francophile themes.

Here are the Norwalk fabrics included in this collection:
4-580901  SACKCLOTH
6-074102  FUNKY FLOWER
4-250102  CROSSROADS
9-484402  AVETT
7-187106  GORGEOUS
11-484506  LISMORE
8-484706  SARCA
11-645406  POPFLOWER
4-246007  ASPECT
9-382207  CRAZY OL BIRD
7-645307  TANIA
6-562612  AVALON
5-581015  KYLE
7-306727  BELLA PORTE
5-035266  VERMILLION
10-619783  MARA CAY



These fabrics are already displayed on the by Design fabric wall in our Des Moines store.  Come on in and take a look!








want to see a quick video about Passport:  click the arrow on the video below: