New Home, New Life…

…and Old Friendships.

Occasionally, I have the opportunity to help by Design clients on more than one home. This is great because we already know each other and I have a good sense of their taste. But what was even more important with Chris & Susan was… we had a friendship. I first worked with them about eight years ago on their small, cozy Beaverdale home. We made it warm and inviting and timeless. When they were ready to move, it sold very quickly, (which they attribute to the furnishings!) and they moved into their dream home in Johnston. They moved all of their Beaverdale furniture to the lower level and it still looks awesome.

On the main floor we created a new look for their new life. Since the rooms are all bigger in this home, we had the advantage of leaving more space around the furnishings for an uncluttered look. They wanted a clean, comfortable look with a higher level of sophistication. It needed to evoke this feeling whether they were entertaining or just relaxing with a book by the fire.

The interior design challenge of this living room area was making a neutral palette work and be at home in the sea of honey oak. We took our neutrals to the warmer side which tied in the honey tone. But, I think the key was introducing 2 other wood tones: dark fumed oak and oyster stained maple. Those tones became part of our palette, and the honey tone became our neutral background.

Note the Brockton chairs in a smart, neutral geometric pattern with a (just the right size) Charleston Forge hand-forged drink table in between. The oyster finish on the table is a nice accent and doesn’t take away from the floor.

We added a great textured rug to add interest and additional focus for the room. The cool double shaded lamps are there for function but don’t take away from the furniture.  Isn’t the room looking good?! You know you have great pieces of furniture in a room, when they look good even without the accessories. Of course we’ll add them in the next layer.


Chris and Susan are pictured on the sleek, yet comfortable, Tristan sofa. See how much fun they are?