20 New Finish Options and New Fun

20 New Finish Options and New Fun post image

Norwalk Introduces 20 New Finish and Paint Colors

The wood finish of many upholstered pieces is a vitally important element of the design.  That’s why all of us at by Design are excited about Norwalk Furniture’s introduction of 20 new finishes and paints to be used on their custom upholstered sectionals, sofas, chairs and ottomans.

shelby-chairThe richness and beauty of hard maple furniture is enhanced with Norwalk Furniture’s introduction of 20 new wood finishes. No longer just a supporting element, decorative chair frames, legs and bases become as special as the upholstery itself.

Norwalk worked with Sherwin-Williams Global Color & Design Center to create this collection of stains, paints and finishing techniques. These finishes are sure to be popular and reflect the most current trends in interior design. They are a natural extension of by Design’s and Norwalk’s customization story.

Stained wood finishes:

Painted wood finishes:


Chicory finish:



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