New color trend: Mad Men

Mid-Century Modern as a Rising Color Trend

“Mad Men” is another rising interior design color trend identified by the designers at Norwalk Furniture.  Often referred to as Mid-Century Modern, here is Norwalk’s description of this trend that will be expressed in both colors and fabrics:

mad-menIs there any doubt that with movie and television shows like The Wonder Years, The Green Hornet, Catch Me if You Can, and Mad Men all grabbing critical acclaim, that our nostalgia for the past, or as we at Norwalk like to say “nostalgia for the future”, is in full blossom? Not unsurprisingly during challenging times, our yearning for a simpler or better time in the past creeps into the collected conscious.
Picking up on a positive upbeat reflection of the past, our Mad Men theme emphasis is a lively and colorful mix of “fun” accent fabrics and bright, cheerful cost-conscious base clothes. Aqua to teal blues, reds with a decidedly pink cast, oranges in fruity flavors, and punchy lime greens all mix in an exuberant and happy blend. Mad Men is sure to enliven many a family room, sun room, or second home with its nostalgic color palette and upbeat attitude.

Some of the fabrics in this new collection:
7-624515   BUBBLEWRAP
9-382229  CRAZY OL BIRD
7-624529  BUBBLEWRAP
9-040237  GREAT SKY GIG
4-131537  BENNINGTON
2-391137  SYDNEY
5-580737  JUBILEE
8-580837  RICKRACK
4-853137  CAMPIONE
2-853237  DAMON
4-290339  HI DEF
7-624539  BUBBLEWRAP
11-485040  ZANEY
8-619641  PELAGIC
5-853544  SOMERSET
4-131546  BENNINGTON
4-853646  SWATCH
5-035272  VERMILLION
4-131572  BENNINGTON
5-556672  CHECKMATE
5-624972  SPITFIRE
2-391173  SYDNEY
5-853575  SOMERSET
5-580783  JUBILEE

You’ll find these fabrics already on the by Design fabric wall in Des Moines!  Click on any image below to enlarge then page through the images:

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want to view a quick video about the Mad Men style?  Click the arrow on the video below: