My small business love affair

Or, Find Yourself Somebody to Love… Your Customer

I love retail!  I love small business!  I love unique stores and the stories and the people behind them.  That’s why it scares me what the internet is doing to small retail in our country!

So my Big Push is for retailers to do everything they can to beat the internet.  We can offer service, we can offer friendship, we can offer a relationship, we can offer humanness! I do some social media, but that doesn’t compare to socializing with a friend when you go shopping. Facebook is just a pale version of real relationships.

The absolute best thing that can happen is for me to make a sale and to make a friend.  You don’t want to be friends with the people you do business with? Seriously?

Retailers — please do not let those valuable customers come in to your store or business and be ignored.  I can’t tell you how many people tell me that they were in a store and no one even approached them.  This horrifies me.  As an owner of a small business, I want to say to those retailers, get the right people in your store if you are not going to be there all the time.  You need friendly people who can sell. You need staff who cares enough about the people who come in to want to sell to them. I mean that. If your salespeople don’t care deeply enough about your customers to solve their problems and fulfill their dreams… get rid of them. Find another person to love your customers.

If we don’t  take care of our customers, someone on the internet will.

by Bonita Clark