My “I Will” List

I am a rookie blogger, so bear with me!  When I was asked to start blogging, a few things crossed my mind.  First, what am I going to blog about?  Second, who really cares about what I write?   And, honestly, who is actually going to ready MY blog?  (Hi Mom!)  So, after several “reminders” from Bonita, I figured I had better get started.

Recently, I read an article in a local newspaper that was talking about “I have never” lists.  This is very similar to the ever popular bucket list, but I have come up with a new list of my own.  “I will”.  I am going to start my very own list and do my best to get them crossed off.  Through  this blog I hope to inspire someone else to do something they have always wanted to do.  I have spent so much time procrastinating and putting things off, that now I just feel like I have to do it!  Next up…the list!

Yesterday is history, Tomorrow is a mystery, and Today is a gift!

Thanks for reading,