Moore Leather Sofa and Sectional Sofa

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The Moore is a wonderful new style that is available as a sofa, love seat and chair as well as a sectional design.  Its shown here in leather and is also available in fabric.  It is so lusciously cool and comfortable.  The big, fat overstuffed lines and exposed seams cry comfort in a very visual way — and yet it is sooo cool looking!  This design delivers.

You will not be sitting on the Moore all prim and proper.  If that is your thing, the Moore isn’t for you.  You’ll be sitting in the Moore.  You’ll slouch down, curl up and veg out.  Apologies to poor Timothy Leery, but this is sooo much better than chemical comfort.  Its the real thing.

If the Moore matches your personality and lifestyle, we’d love to use it to create your perfect room.