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Ready for one of our favorite styles? One that you probably already love but don’t even know it?

Well, let us introduce you to Modern Casual Design!

Modern = clean, simple, light, updated

Casual = easy, comfortable, attainable, real-life

Put those two together and you get a style that speaks to the way most of us live.

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Modern design is made up of low slung furniture pieces in light, easy to care for natural fabrics. Furniture that calls out to be used…nothing too tightly stuffed or welted or fussy. Single cushions are great for this look, and so are, surprise, skirts! We used to think skirts were only good for fussy traditional looks, but these new skirts are casual and relaxed.


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Wood and Leather

Natural wood accents are a big part of Modern Casual design…add some caramel leather chairs and you’re also on the right track.  Keep the wood natural colored…dark wood reads too contemporary, and light wood can go too Scandinavian. Same with the leather color…don’t go too dark or you’ll miss the mark on the natural vibe we’re looking for.


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Bring the look together with pops of color, lots of texture in the accessories, and greenery wherever possible! We also like adding texture to the walls and ceilings with beams and paneling – either painted or left in natural wood tones.

Modern Casual design doesn’t have fussy patterns or accents…it’s all about smooth simple lines that calm and soothe the mind and spirit. Comfort is a big factor in this style – if you want your home to be cozy and cool at the same time – Modern Casual design may be the right style for you!

Interested in learning more about this style? Come in and meet with one of our designers who would love to put together a Modern Casual look for you!


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