Laughter and fun and by Design and you.

I always tell my designers that the best sound that I can hear from the floor is laughter.  It is not brain surgery that we do.  No need for stress.  No lives hang in the balance.  This isn’t to say that what we do for our clients isn’t important.  It can be very important… but it should always be fun!

We do aspire to be great listeners.  Listening to you, our client, and understanding your needs is critical to doing our job well.  And from there, we design a room for you based on your needs — or maybe just help you find a fabric — or talk to you about different things that might work for your room.  (We do not just try to sell something  because we have bought 25 of them and the boss has said to get rid of them).

No, that is certainly not what by Design is about.  We are all about building a relationship with our clients.  If we treat you well, if we both have fun then together we will create more than just a beautiful room (although that is important), we’ll create friendship.Caitlin Channing

So when I do hear laughter on the floor—it means comfort, trust, and yes, fun!  Because we are all about having fun at by Design!

— Bonita