Knock Your Socks Off Customer Care

Duty above and beyond the call—

I’ve been so fortunate over the years to be surrounded by great designers here at by Design.  But, what truly makes them special is the fact that they’re wonderful people.   They care so much about their clients.  They will go to incredible lengths to help their clients.

We have a terrific wedge sectional up in our After Hours Room.  It is soooo comfortable, and people love it.  We recently had a customer who was having a very hard time visualizing it in her room.  So Laura got some brown butcher paper and with the help of fellow designers, made a template of it.  Now—that was not an easy job.  It took almost 3 hours for them to do it.

Laura and Kassie with the wedge template
Needless to say, the client was thrilled and ordered it.  And guess what—I sent it home with one of my clients, and they ordered it also!

I would venture to say that there are not many furniture stores that would go to this kind of effort.  But really, the effort came from Laura and the design team.  My girls didn’t think anything of it.  They are used to going out of their way to give “Knock you socks off” service.  They are great designers and wonderful human beings.