Its time for a Fall Design Refresh

It is finally starting to feel a little like Fall.  I don’t ever remember a summer like the one that we had.  A great summer for summer fun!

When fall comes around, by Designers start thinking about market and new trends in furniture and accessories.  We always go to the High Point market.  It is a major furniture market.  Heck, it’s THE major furniture market.

  • We begin by looking at our upholstery lines and decide what needs to be changed on our floor.  Lots of thought goes into this.
  • We think about colors and how they will flow into other groups on the floor.
  • We think about rugs.  We want a rug with each group on the floor.  And, Marlene and Laura are so good at finding the perfect rug!
  • We think about lamps.  We want really great, different lamps here at by Design.  Many lamps we see have gotten so cheap looking (it is because they have been imported and are CHEAP)!  But with a little work we find lamps that are great design and great values.
  • We think about pictures for the wall.  We really like to just buy pictures that we love.  We think they will sell if we love them.
  • Accessories are so very important to the overall look of the room.  They really are the jewelry for a room. Nothing finishes off a room better!

We don’t just go to market and buy stuff.  We think about it and try to buy the very unique things for our sophisticated Midwest clients.  Many of our clients think we have the coolest furniture store around.  We appreciate them and want to live up to their expectations!

If you’re going through the same process of thinking about how to freshen up your room design for the fall, drop me an email and tell me your thoughts. I would love to hear them! And if you’ve seen some great items out there, email me those (I’d love to see you’re real idea file too). Send them to: [email protected]

Thanks to all of you!!!  We love our clients!!!

by Bonita Clark