It’s what is in your heart.

I recently worked with a client who had special ordered a table.  She wasn’t satisfied that the table was right for her room.  Well, you all know that we cannot afford to return special order merchandise.  Nevertheless, in this case I decided to let her make a re-selection.  We emailed back and forth and were having a hard time coming up with the right thing.  So—I finally just decided that we needed to talk and oh, my gosh—it was so much better.  It was so nice to have a human side to it.  We both agreed and we found the right table and she is  thrilled.

She and I both decided that email is nice but sometimes, you just need to talk and hear the voice — and even hear the heart behind the email.  I feel that , if everyone is reasonable, anything can be worked out.

Life is short.  Your furniture experience should be a good one!