Is by Design Furniture & Design perfect for you too?

I was in Omaha at ccino the other day. A mom and daughter came in to the store, and I got to work with them.

They were in a hurry. I was trying to honor their time yet ask the questions that would allow me to best help them. The mother said that her daughter knew what she wanted.

“Great!” I said, “Then we are the perfect place for her because we can do exactly what she wants.” She found a sofa design that she liked. Then she found a fabric that she loved. We played with buttons and pillows to give more sophisticated, personalized “ccino” look. A look that is different — not one that she will see whenever she visits one of her friends.

I really think that is one of the most important of the many reasons that people like to shop at ccino and by Design. We can get you a unique sofa, sectional, chair, table (in fact a whole room!) for a terrific price.

So our young client is going to get the sofa that she loves.

I had so much fun working with her! It was so cool to see someone that young who cares that much about their furniture and home. And she had great taste too!

It was such a fun experience for me!!!

Bonita Clark