Interior Design Trend: Hill Country

What does mountain / lodge design look like in Iowa?

It’s been called “Big Sky”, “Mountain Living” and “Lodge”. This casual, comfortable and certainly handsome style is hugely appealing. But frankly, it’s a long way to the mountains from here. However, keep in mind that hill country is really quite close: the amazing Black Hills are certainly in the Midwest. I think that makes this design idea a valid interior design theme for Iowa homes.black_hills

What’s more, this is a look that appeals across the genders (okay – it’s guy friendly). And who doesn’t want a place in their home with rich, warm fabrics and leathers, rustic or polished woods with a great fireplace to snuggle by on a cold winter day. We’re all about that.


Norwalk Furniture gave their spin on this color / interior design trend by naming it their Hill Country Trend for 2016. Here is how they describe it:

The rolling hills of West Texas provide a haven for relaxed ranch living and our inspiration for a western themed lifestyle that stretches from Austin Texas westward to Santa Fe New Mexico and Flagstaff Arizona, and northward to Boulder Colorado. Earthy colors of burnt red, golden caramel, toasted umber and agate blue, infused with native patterns, supple leathers. Chicks, tortoise, elk –and perhaps the occasional armadillo or buffalo– all find a home in this lively world. Casual, laid back, richly layered and textured, and steeped with a decidedly outdoorsy vibe Hill Country.roswell_chairs_ottoman

Below is a gallery of fabrics Norwalk has included in the Hill Country collection. Soft and warm yet trend forward for 2016. Imagine your perfect room: