The Interior Design Process – What’s it like?

In a Word: Rewarding.

Sure, it can be complicated. I mean, look at all those pieces, fabrics, finishes and plans. And there’s more. Much more.


Elissa and Laura have recently had the opportunity to work on a wonderful new project. Complexity increases very quickly in interior design and this project has a lot of moving parts. Every individual element must be selected. The flow and interaction of each to the other has to be considered. And all with an eye on you, our client’s, design and life story.


It’s not a matter of throwing a few pieces we’ve pre-chosen onto your plan. It’s an inter-weaving of fabric color, fabric texture, wood finishes, metal finishes, light sources, and mass. Connected rooms must flow into each other, yet frequently provide different functionality.


Laura and Elissa have been so excited to present these ideas to our clients. That excitement makes the hours of design fly by. Again… what’s it like? Challenging. Rewarding. And fun.

We feel so lucky to have people like Laura and Elissa on our team. And, it’s a privilege to work with you, our clients. Thank you so. much.