Integrity deserves applause!!

It’s a beautiful day!  Spring is just around the corner.  That makes all of us very happy.

Someone told me a story about a customer who had checked out at Wal Mart and gotten to her car and realized that she had a shirt over her shoulder that she had not paid for.  Her little kids said to her “Mommy, you didn’t pay for that shirt.”  So guess what?  The busy mother went back in to Wal Mart, stood in line and paid for the shirt.  Now was that a defining moment or what?  What a great lesson for those kids!  Their mother showed her true character and did the right thing.  It certainly would have been easier to just leave –the shirt was cheap, Wal Mart won’t miss the $3.00 or whatever.  But this mother went back into the store and paid for it.  I loved this story.  It made me feel good that there are still people who will do the right thing.

Unfortunately, when she did this, the clerk didn’t even commend her.  I think when things like this happen—-bells and whistles should go off, music should play and fireworks should go off!  She should be applauded.  Celebrated even.

That would not have happened in my store, I’ll guarantee that.  If someone does something like that–I will personally jump up and down saying thank you!  We appreciate our customers so much at by Design.  If I am out and people know that I work at by Design and they say they have gotten things from us—I am thrilled and say thank you so much!  Our customers are so important to us!!!  We love our customers and we do have the best customers in the world!!

In fact… consider this your applause.  Thank so much you for reading.