I Love to “Nest” in My Home

I  LOVE TO NEST!!!  I always have.  When Kevin and I were first married and I was at home a little more with kids.  Kevin would joke that he never knew where the furniture was going to be when he came home from work at night.  He would bump his shin on a chair or sofa that wasn’t there in the morning.

I love the freshness and the new look that moving furniture gives a room.  We moved in to a loft downtown about 5 years ago and I miss nesting!  So guess what!  I get to do it here at the store and I love it.  I will move a table and say–yes, much better!

The moral is this:  you can nest too!  Don’t think that something has to stay in the same spot because it has always been there.  I always say there might be a “best lay-out” but that doesn’t mean that you can’t do it another way for fun!  Enjoy your home!  It is so comforting!!!

 Bonita Clark