Harlowe – A New Iconic Chaise

Some designs have such wonderful lines, they change a room.

The Harlowe chaise feels like one of those pieces. If rooms tell a story (and they do), then the Harlowe can set the mood in any storyline. The sweeping lines reek of romance, sophistication and seduction. The totally exposed legs and wood frame can be finished in a wide choice of finishes.

Shown here in 313329 Udder Madness fabric (only a grade 3!) and black finish, this Harlowe is a perfect illustration of the new Char color trend. Dark, moody and mysterious. And luscious.

We can imagine the Harlowe in rooms ranging from a Danish modern look to a detailed and sumptuous contemporary lux look. And we can see it in rooms from grand living rooms to compact and personal bedrooms. Our talented interior designers would love to use it in your perfect room.