Great Vendors Make All the Difference to by Design Customers

American Leather Furniture Shows How Customer Service Is Done

I just got back from High Point, N. Carolina. It is the major furniture show in the US (and the largest in the world). Laura and I always go, and this year Drea came with us. It is always so fun to order and see what is new. When we’re there, we love to talk to our vendors and really get to know the people behind the companies. Our major upholstery companies are in Ohio, Texas and N. Carolina so normally we talk to them on the phone and through email.

Well, we had a problem with an order from American Leather. One of our clients had ordered a comfort recliner with the power mechanism on the left side. When it came in on the right side, the designer, Laura, was upset because our client had suffered a stroke and needed right-side control for easiest use. I called and talked to them, but they said moving the control wasn’t an option. We didn’t know what to do. So at market, we talked to the President of the company.He put us in touch with a person who might be able to help us come up with a solution. We talked to her and explained our plight. She listened, then came up with a brilliant suggestion: install a remote on the chair. What great problem solving! They sent a remote and we had it installed and now we have a very happy client.

Our client was thrilled and thanked us for going out of our way to find a solution to the problem. But here is where the thanks belong: Thank you, American Leather for going out of your way to take care of our customer. The remote is not even available on the comfort recliners, yet you didn’t let that stand in the way.

Thank you, thank you!!

by Bonita Clark