Good lines + good fabric = great rooms

You can get… anything you want… at Candice’s restaurant, (including Alice), at Candice’s restaurant.  Sorry Arlo Guthrie.  Dang it, now that tune from the sixties is stuck in my head.

The Alice chairs that you see above (fresh from the design desk of Candice Olson) are a good example of how good furniture design alone is not sufficient to create a great room.  Check out the above images, then… BAM see the impact below when used with a great fabric selection in a great room.  This is how to do it.

Candice is awesome.  by Design has her furniture.  We have her fabrics.  We’d love to help you use her designs to create your perfect room.

Click to see more info on Candice Olson’s Alice chair on Candice’s site.

by Design no longer offers Candice Olson designs