Furniture in Des Moines

What are the options available to furniture shoppers in Des Moines?

You’ve got choices!

Furniture consumers in Des Moines and Central Iowa have a wide choice of furniture store concepts to choose from.  From the behemoth to the boutique, you can find the experience that best fits you.  Some stores are traditional furniture stores offering the full range of furniture, carpet and window coverings.  Many other stores offer furniture, but not as the main focus of their operations.  Add to this catalog and on-line shopping and you’ve got more choices than any one person can take advantage of.

How do I shop for furniture?

An article that we liked at inspired the following list that we think is important:

Decide What You Need.  Okay… we would probably say “Decide what you like” or “Think about what you love”.  Unless you are totally utilitarian, you want to love your room and be proud of it.

  • Set Your Budget. “While it’s a good idea to buy the most expensive and best constructed piece of furniture that you can afford, you wouldn’t want to spend every penny you have available on one piece of furniture and then not be able to paint the walls! ”  (We agree!)
  • Plan Ahead. “Learn all you can without leaving home.  Do some research on the internet.”  (And here you are!)
  • Go to a Furniture Store. “It’s almost impossible to determine if you’ll like a piece of furniture from a picture.  If the store you visit doesn’t have the exact piece you’ve found on-line, at least you can evaluate the quality of the line, see the different fabrics and finishes available, and determine if the company makes things that have a look you like. You’ll get an idea of how your piece will look and the comfort it offers and you’ll feel more comfortable about ordering the piece. 
  • Get Decorating Ideas From the Pros.  “As you walk through the showroom, look around you. Do you see interesting accessories? Do you have some pieces at home that could be used in the same way? Is a picture placed in an unusual way that would add interest to your space? Does a mirror reflect a beautiful view or add depth to a space? Is the furniture arranged in a way you hadn’t thought of? Without buying a thing, you can get lots of ideas to take home.”
  • Talk to the Designers/Salespeople. “A furniture showroom will not have every piece that a particular company makes. If you don’t see the item you want on the floor, inquire about placing a special order. Be sure that you feel comfortable with the salesperson and get someone who is knowledgeable about your chosen company. Inquire about the availability of different wood finishes, sofa skirt options, or alternative arm styles.”

See the Fabric Choices.  “Each company that builds upholstered furniture supplies their showrooms with fabric samples. You can choose from a full array of colors, patterns, and textures. If you’re not sure about colors, ask to check out fabric samples or a matching pillow.”

  • Place a Special Order.  “If the store doesn’t have the piece you need, place a special order. In many cases, you will not be able to take advantage of special sale prices, and you might have to pay additional shipping charges. But it will be worth the price to get just the piece you want.”  Why by Design is the best at furniture special order.

How do I choose where to shop?