Four quick changes to make in your home for the New Year

When you take down the Christmas decorations and before you put your regular decor back, take a minute and really look at your home. Try to see your home from an outsider’s perspective. What’s the first thing you notice when you enter the room? What feeling do you get when you walk into your home? What’s missing? What sticks out? Are there piles of clutter that you have stopped seeing that you need to do something about?

Another great way to see your home with fresh eyes is to take photos of different angles of your rooms. We all get used to our house the way it is…sometimes, if you can look at it through a photo, you’ll see everything in a new way.

If you’ve determined it’s time to make some changes for the new year after doing these things…here are four quick changes you can make!

Change out your pillows

New pillows can make your sofa, heck your whole room, look completely different. You can bring a new color scheme to your room (some of our favorite colors for this year are dark teal, rich black, and sage green) or add texture and dimension to your sofa.

Photo 1 | Photo 2


Buy a new rug

This is a bigger purchase than new pillows…but it’s worth it because buying a new rug can make your room feel more current and more comfortable. You can add color/pattern with a contrast-colored rug or make the room more soothing with a neutral rug with texture.

Photo 1  |Photo 2 

Replace your window coverings

Window coverings are often the last thing we think about in our own rooms. They are often expensive to replace – but wow, do they make a huge difference in how the room looks and feels.

Photo 1 | Photo 2

Add new wall art

Many people are afraid to hang things on their walls – so afraid of making a mistake that they choose to do nothing at all. We say – just hang something already! And the trend this year is large scale wall art – which is much easier to hang than the gallery wall trend that has been everywhere for the past couple of years.

Photo 1 | Photo 2 | Photo 3

Take this time to make your home prettier…you’ll be glad you did! And come visit by Design – we can help!