Four Questions to Ask When Designing Your Perfect Room

Summer is here!  Finally!  Summer is a great time to freshen up our homes and lives.  It is a good time to think about how you want your life to be and how you want your home to look.  This is important stuff and is deserving of some thought.  Here are a few questions to begin with:

  1. Do you want your room to be all about you? Or should it reflect the shared interests of several people in your family?
  2. Is the room personal or social? Mostly about pushing back and relaxing or mostly about entertaining? Or both?
  3. Have a budget? Most of us do. It’s important that you think about what amount is comfortable for you.
  4. Do you like the richness of lots of great stuff in a room or the serenity of simplicity and space?

Then, look at rooms that you love on the internet, in magazines, on TV.  This helps to give you an idea and then you can talk to a designer about your ideas.  And your designer should do more listening than talking.  They should sketch with you and ask relevant questions.

Creating a beautiful room should be a fun experience!  If it isnt, something is wrong.  Life is sweet.  Enjoy!

by Bonita Clark