Euro Contemporary Collection Featuring Italian Smart Design

Calligaris Esteo Table

Italian Smart Design. What is it?

Calligaris’s Italian Smart Design is part of our Euro Contemporary Collection. Their style is a great example of what Euro Contemporary is all about.

We’re very excited to bring Calligaris furniture to by Design and our customers in Des Moines and Iowa. But, exactly what do they mean by that phrase. We’re going to let our partners at Calligaris speak for themselves:

Smart is harmony between technique and aesthetics, between reason and emotion, because each Calligaris piece encloses the know-how of our experienced designers and our creativity applied to contemporary living.


Simplicity becomes an added value which satisfies the desire to play with the volumes, the combinations, the colourings to create spaces that avoid a mass-produced feel and narrate the personality of those who inhabit them.


Smart is knowing how to live, the expression of a new sensibility, which prefers to choose what is right for ourselves and for our sensibilities without the intention either of conforming or of having to stand out. It is a knowing how to live that is reflected in everyday things, even small ones, and that helps us feel our best.


Expressing our own personality, recounting who we really are is a natural aspiration that finds in the home, in the spaces we live in, its pride of place. The home is the visible container of our tastes, passions, foibles; it is a place that represents us and therefore one in continuous transformation.

You’ll soon hear much more about this new furniture line and the new design perspective that it brings to our clients and friends. It’s going to be fun.

You can see more of the Euro Contemporary Collection and Calligaris here.

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If you’d like our Calligaris catalog, you can download it here

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