Fall 2017 Furniture Market Trends

It’s that time of year again…the Highpoint Furniture Market!  We’ve got the new trends they’re featuring in advance of the show and we’re excited to share our take on these trends with you. Read on for an explanation of each trend and a vision board on how to create that trend in your home. All products featured are products we can order for you at by Design!


Code is a trend that follows different concepts of communication throughout the ages. From pictographs to repeating patterns to programming codes…it’s geometric and interesting and tactile. This trend is rooted in the past but also embraces the future.

Code Vision board



Photo 1: Square pouf cube with khaki and black striped variation pattern that reminds us of old-school printer feeds.

Photo 2: Gold side table with hammered pictograph pattern.

Photo 3: Midcentury inspiration meets large scale design with this DNA inspired two-tiered chandelier.


This trend is all about pairing complementary (or near complementary) colors on the color wheel. It’s energetic, bold and streetwise. Try blue and orange or violet and green together for a vibrant pairing.

Complements Vision board

Photo 1: Teal green swinging swivel chair – it’s both mod and modern.

Photo 2: Violet round rug.

Photo 3: Blue abstract painting with pops of orange.



Curation is one of the trends that is coming out of the last couple years of overwhelming minimalism. Curation is a maximalist trend that tells the story of personal experience with rich textures and finishes. Each piece of furniture should be as carefully selected as a piece of art.

Curation Vision board

Photo 1: Hammered Gold two-tiered chandelier

Photo 2: Leather sling chair supported by an aged brass steel frame

Photo 3: Asymmetrical Gold wrapped sculpture mirror


Want to learn even more about these trends from the Fall 2017 Highpoint Furniture Market?

Fall 2017 Furniture Market Trends

Let us know what you think about these trends!