Honor Elevates Everyday Business Relationships

I had the coolest thing happen the other day at by Design.  One of my designers came to get me.  She said that a client wanted to pay for something that he had broken.   This is always an awkward situation.  We understand that accidents do happen.  But, there is no great outcome to this situation where everyone wins.  Either both of us lose some, or one of us loses a lot.  That’s ugly.

But that’s not what happened.  I was ready to tell the customer to forget it — but he would not hear of it.  He told me, ” I try to teach my kids personal responsibility, so I have live up to it.” So we came to an agreement.  He was happy with it and I was, too.  Such an honorable man.  It made my heart smile.

What is more, I think our interaction changed everything.  Rather than Lose/Lose, resolving the situation with honesty and integrity made it a big Win/Win.  When we do the math, we have to add the value of integrity, honor and personal relationship in.

There is always hope for us, isn’t there?  He had to get back to his farm.  He was working on equipment.  “By the way” he said, “by Design is my favorite store.”  He has to be one of my favorite customers, too!