Eclectic Design

The definition of Eclectic is “deriving ideas, style, or taste from a broad and diverse range of sources.” This is why Eclectic design is the style most of us end up using to decorate our homes. As cool as all the other design styles we’ve covered are…most people’s homes (and personalities) are not just one style.

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Scandinavian plus Rustic…Mid-Century Modern plus Southwest…Arts and Crafts plus Nordic…executing these unique combinations in your home is what makes it entirely your own.

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Often, the rooms we pin are designed in the Eclectic style. These rooms are full of surprises – yet beautifully designed. You don’t see an entire traditional dining area in the photo above…you see a traditional table with ornate legs, plus very modern clear acrylic chairs and a retro red leather booth. None of them would be purchased together…but they work together to make a really interesting room. Sometimes all you need to make an eclectic room is a wide variety of art in many different styles and themes like you see in the middle room above. The room on the top right has cool walls that move in unexpected ways with rustic beams and they’ve added bohemian furnishings to make this room even more interesting!

Photo 1 | Photo 2 | Photo 3

The dining area above works because they paired beautiful blue velvet modern chairs with a classic wood dining table.  It’s dramatic, but not overwhelming. The middle photo has a transitional neutral sofa that you’d see in many living rooms, with a couple of dramatic gold velvet side chairs with a lux profile – and a dramatic pendant lamp with the gold interior.  The rustic side table brings in yet another eclectic touch. The final photo on the right combines traditional glamour (the gold velvet chaise) and mid-century flair (the sputnik chandelier).

We love to put together Eclectic looks for our by Design clients…here’s a vision board with some ideas. Give us a call or get in touch with one of our designers and we’ll put together a vision board just for you!

Eclectic Design vision board