Eclectic Collector Design Style

You have a style all your own – and you love finding unique and whimsical pieces to fill every nook and cranny of your home. In fact – your biggest problem may be finding too much that works in your space. Be sure to bring pieces in carefully so your house doesn’t feel overstuffed.

You love color…all shades of it. You also want your home to be full of pieces that inspire you with their story. Your home feels like a wonderful, curated museum that tells your unique story.

Eclectic Collector Design Style

Upholstery and Seating

Eclectic style often means you love color and contrast – and upholstery is a great way to bring this into your home! Custom upholstery means you can find a fabric or leather that speaks to you and then put it on a wonderfully unique piece. Tufted sofas with stripes…wingback chairs with rich velvet…sleek leather ottomans in bright purple!

This style is the perfect way to express your creativity!

Eclectic Collector

Dining Spaces

No need to settle on only one style of chair for your dining chair – Eclectic Collector style means the more styles the better! Mix and match your chairs – one wingback plus one mission style plus one bench chair equals the perfect eclectic mix. You can also provide your guests with different chairs for their different tastes…now that’s a thoughtful host!

Eclectic Collector


Almost any color story will work with this design style, so don’t limit yourself here. Eclectic Collector bedrooms are a place to showcase some of your most personal treasures. You can create a bedroom full of life and a story that’s all yours.

Stop by and visit us at by Design and let us help create an Eclectic Design room of your own!