Dining Room Design Trend – New Naturals

There is a powerful, new aesthetic moving into interior design and furniture design. This post shows the New Naturals Design Trend impact in the Dining Room. It is expressed in many ways: materials, profiles, colors, fabrics and more. The common thread – the essential idea – is “warm, organic and natural”. This look is elegant without a hint of stuffiness. It is a bit nostalgic, yet forward looking.

However… we live in a multi trend world (fortunately!). This trend is not replacing others. Rather, it is taking is place along side them. Interior design is always about you, your lifestyle, and what you love.

New Naturals Materials & Finishes

The lighter wood finish names tell the story:

  • ashen walnut
  • rustic fawn
  • natural oak
  • dusted oak
  • auburn poplar
  • drifted oak

These new light tones offer very natural looks. On the other hand, a few medium tone wood finishes sneak successfully into this look. There are always exceptions that prove the rule. Enough words. Nothing will illustrate the look we’re talking about better than pictures. Here they are:

Dining Room Design Trend New Naturals - Century Dining Table
Century Dining Table, Padma Arm Chair, Deco Dining Chair
Artists Sideboard – a bit of vintage?
Jinxx Rectangular Dining Table, Sedona Dining Chairs
Godenza Counter Table, Shelby Counter Stools
Dining Room Design Trend New Naturals - Malia Dining Table
Malia Dining Table – Natural Oak finish
Padeen Dining Table – Sandy Acacia finish
Skye Round Dining Table with White Marble – medium tones
Dining Room Design Trend New Naturals - Hudson Dining Table
Hudson Dining Table – Ashen Walnut finish


Warm leathers, marble, earthen stone and woven materials combine with the natural woods. You have so many wonderful materials to work with in your room! All of those textures and sheens add dimension, depth and beauty. Coupled with the beautiful woods, your room will glow.

Templo Dining Table, Burton Dining Chair, Blaze Dining Chai
Dining Room Design Trend New Naturals - Belle Dining Table
Belle Dining Table – Cream Marble
Krista Dining Bench in Knole Charcoal cover
Dining Room Design Trend New Naturals - Mako Sideboard
Mako Sideboard with Shagreen finish, brass legs & black oak frame


It’s perfect. Elevated style combines clean lines with sleek minimalistic forms. We love the sculpted, almost architectural presence of these designs. Again, you see some influence of the New Nostalgia look. But, these natural woods and materials look spectacular in Euro-Contemporary!

Dining Room Design Trend New Naturals - Hey Gio! table
Hey Gio! Dining Table
Dining Room Design Trend New Naturals - Peeno Round Dining Table
Peeno Round Dining Table, Academy Dining Chairs
Doria Dining Table

To sum up: You’ll see much more of this great Dining Room Design Trend – New Naturals on our website and in our store in the very near future!