Designing Your Home TV Experience

Flat screen TVs have rescued design.

Home theaters and TV stands no longer have to physically dominate a room.  The best designs might actually be the most beautiful object in your room!  Take a look at these TV units.  They do far more than just cover clutter.  They make a statement.

[nggallery id=162]  Here are some thoughts from one of our vendors to keep in mind when choosing home theater furniture:

Contemporary, Traditional or Somewhere in the Middle?

The home theater furniture is often the biggest piece of furniture in the room and sets the tone for the living space. Steel, glass and gloss finishes provide a contemporary look, great for coordinating with modern interiors. Natural wood finishes are available in a variety of styles, ideal for settings from traditional to contemporary. Choose a finish that complements your existing furniture or start out with a fresh new look.

Open or Closed?

Open TV stands are usually constructed of some combination of glass, steel and wood. Open shelving puts your home theater system on display, giving a contemporary appearance and providing easy access to the front of components. If you would prefer your TV to be the star, then an enclosed cabinet may be the way to go. You can conceal components, speakers and even media behind closed doors, keeping them out of sight but still within easy reach. Components are well protected in an enclosed cabinet — just make sure the cabinet you choose is well ventilated to allow for heat dispersion.