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Sherri Bruckshaw at by Design - Des Moines

Even when I was a stay-at-home Mom, I knew design was in my future. While attending our oldest son’s 1st grade conference, the teacher informed me that she had asked our son what his mother does. He responded, “If you want to know where to put a candle in your home, my Mom will tell you.”

Over time, my side business developed through word-of-mouth. I’ve worked on commercial and residential design consulting, staging and personal shopping.

My time at by Design has reinforced my beliefs that home design is both fun and challenging at the same time. My goal is for my customers to feel that their experience at by Design was not only fruitful, but also a lot of fun.

Please give me a call or stop into the store. I’m confident that we will exceed your expectations and provide professional, signature interior design services.

[email protected] or call 515-639-3744

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