Design Spotlight: The Sawyer Sofa

Okay you lovers of soft and cushion-y comfort… this one is for you.

The Sawyer sofa shown with the Nelson chair and the Quinn ottoman

This is a great Organic Modern trend room. The Sawyer is definitely the star of the show. The striped fabric on the seat and arm pillows is framed by the solid fabric on the frame.

This fabulous execution on the Sawyer allows the selection of solid fabrics on the three other pieces. The Nelson chair is upholstered in the same solid fabric. We particularly love the perpendicular application of the plush cord fabric on the Quinn ottoman.

The design: The Sawyer sofa is a trend-forward scatter back sofa. Scatter back designs use numerous pillows to tell their comfort and design story. (Note the back pillows, large arm pillows plus two small kidney pillows). In use they allow you to shift the support precisely where you need it. And they look so comfortable too!

The Sawyer sits on a recessed contemporary natural oak base. The base give a floating look and adds a feeling of space to the room.

Meet the designer: Kim Salmela

Kim has been a creative director for one of rock and pop music’s biggest icons, Prince, owner of award-winning retail stores, designer one of the country’s largest home furnishings launches, manufacturer and designer of her own custom furniture line.

Her inspiration originates from her globe-trotting adventures. She has an impeccable ability to mix colors, patterns, and texture. She is a believer in buying what you love and not worrying about any design rules. She is truly a designer at heart.

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