Design Details


When we say custom design…we really mean it. Our designers are highly trained in the art of interiors and in the art of custom design.

We not only want to provide you with the best looking, highest quality furniture, we want your room to be all your own.

You don’t want the same room/sofa as your neighbor – or as your best friend… you want your home to reflect the person you are and the style you love.

All of our furniture can be customized down to the smallest detail – from a beautiful pull, to a turned table leg, to the finish on a dining console.

But don’t let this stress you out – that’s what our designers are for. They love furniture and want to design a piece for you that is completely original.

First, they’ll learn about you and your space. Their goal is to find out what you use the room for and what kind of functionality you’re currently missing.

Then they’ll learn about your style…are you modern?  Traditional?  Transitional? Farmhouse modern? California cool? Our designers will help you figure out what you like and what works with the style of your home.

Next, the designer will present you with a plan for your room – a sketch, a mockup, a vision board. Whatever it takes for you to understand how beautiful this room will be when we’re finished.

Once your custom designed furniture arrives, our designers will come out and stage your home.  They will show you how everything works together and give you the home you’ve always wanted.

One that is uniquely yours.