Custom Options for Your Dining Room Furniture

Saloom Furniture crafts custom dining room and occasional furniture in Massachusetts. They’ve been a core vendor of BY DESIGN for decades. We’re proud to place their products into your home.

Fine furniture finishing is becoming a lost art in our country. Most companies stain the wood, apply sealer, sand, and apply a topcoat. Many of our finishers are experts who have been developing their skills for over
twenty years. They add many steps in between these basics to ensure transparency and depth of color. These are the reasons our furniture glows.

Get to Know: Saloom Finishes and Techniques

A fine furniture finish begins with the choice of wood species. Maple is light in color, very fine-grained and also expressive.

Color is what dresses your furniture, and is essential to your design. We offer a spectrum of fashion-forward finish colors, then offer each color in 3 levels: 1) A standard stain, 2) A lightly distressed level, and 3) a heavily
distressed “Heritage” level.

Example of NB-Nantucket
Example of Distress-Nantucket
Example of Heritage-Nantucket
Example of wire brush finish option

Wire Brushed Finishes

Some of our finish colors are offered with a “Wire Brushed” technique that creates a textured surface that adds richness and character to the
tabletop. This technique is used with specific finish colors only, it is not available across the board with any finish color.

Distressed Finishes

We use many different tools and techniques to distress your furniture to impart a very natural appearance of years of use.


We design and build our own tools using files, chains, and nuts and bolts to add distressing marks to the furniture.


Wormhole: Some trees are attacked by little boring worms. Back in the day boards with the little holes were used in country furniture. We use a technique that mimics this detail in our distressing.

Flyspeck: We apply an opaque glaze in superfine little dots. You almost can’t see them, but they are there, adding

Heritage Finishes

Our Heritage finish begins with a heavy level of distressing that includes: worm hole, splits, edge wear and chain distressing. Many of these finishes have multiple layers of toners, stains and glazes applied. The fine art of dry brushing, rare now in our industry, provides a final aging effect.  

What is “Hand”?

“Hand” is an old-timey finisher’s word. Glide the back of your fingers across our tabletops. That silky feeling is called “a fine hand.” “Build” is another term. It means topcoat thickness. Too much and the finish distorts, too little and the finish becomes dry. We control topcoat thickness to ensure “a fine, silky hand”.

We bring all this attention to fine detail, beyond stain and topcoat, to every piece of furniture we make. We do this to create heirloom-quality furniture.

As a final touch, all of our maple finishes are offered in a choice of two sheen levels, “Satin” for a soft, low luster look, or “Glossy” for a medium sheen that enhances the clarity of the finish.

Get to Know: Saloom Signature Table Tops

Signature Tops give you the opportunity to add a variety of hand-applied textures and carvings to a classic, smooth tabletop. These unique tabletop surfaces enrich and add character and are offered with any of our solid maple tabletops.

Panels with the Signature Top options are represented in our display materials. Note: a tabletop with a Distressed, Wire Brushed or Heritage finish is NOT a Signature Top.

Get to Know: Saloom Table Sizes & Shapes: